Saturday, March 5, 2011

Writing a new pattern; the odyssey

I have yet to decide whether I have lost my mind or I am just way too confident. simultaneously, I am attempting to knit my first project in a lace stitch AND write a pattern of it. Let me explain...

You may have seen some of my work depicting super heroes like superman and iron man. I wanted to knit something other then another golf club cover. I decided that a lace shawl based on Spiderman's webs would be a great idea. The only thing standing in my way was that I had only knit a shawl once before and it was TERRIBLE looking. Fortunately, it was not my pattern :). This time I will do it right and it will be fabulous.

So now I have my size 2 DPN's in hand and Schoppel Wolle Zauberball yarn, a few patterns just so I can see how other people have done it, and a stitchtionary. I will keep you updated as I progress


  1. That is very ambitious Tracey. Good luck. I look forward to seeing the process here.

  2. you know I am not afraid of a challenge!