Monday, March 14, 2011

Top Shop: the twitter experiment

There have been many etsy experiments I have read about, most of them involving re-listing at its focus. I have not found any change in sales for myself in the past from re-listing so i have decided to try something else; Twitter.

Twitter has been a great resource for me. I have made many "friends" and connections across the country and the world. Many of them have similar interests to my own. Some who just want to have a zillion followers. Either way, keeping things interesting and re-tweets are the key to success in the twitterverse.

This is my experiment:
I plan on using it as I normally do most of the day. Sporadically making inane comments on life and business, however, I will make sure to tweet a link to my website with a clever tie-in once per day. I will change the time every day to see how tweeting at that specific time on that day effected my traffic/sales. Of course I will chart everything and be sure to share the findings with you.

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