Friday, August 27, 2010

Undiscovered Gold

Green Monster Candle
I got a late start this week on my search for the best new shops in the handmade universe. As you can imagine, it is hard to choose from the tons of new shops that are added every day on etsy. Fortunately for me, most of them are not as cute as StorytimeCandles.

Can you believe there is a story behind storytime? Missi Burgess, an avid soapmaker, was itching to find a super cool beeswax candle. Not finding anything to her liking, she created her own molds, filled them with 100% beeswax that had been made locally, and TADA! She created her own line of funky candles.
Pink Peace Sign

These candles are designed for everyday use but can easily be used for a birthday cake or other special occasion. As you might have expected, my favorite is the this Pink Peace Sign. It has 2 hemp wicks, one in each of the pointed fingers. I just love things with hands :P

Since her shop just opened this week, she is just starting to list her amazing little creations. I look forward to seeing what other adorable ideas she comes up with the make with wax.

If you like her work, be sure to follow Storytime Candles on Facebook.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lets write a blog

I have been racking my brain over the last few days on how to make this blog different and fun for my readers. I dont have the time or energy to constantly come up with new tutorials like I have done in the past. i already feature many great etsians on a weekly basis, but that is done by many handmade blogs all over the internet. The only thing that sets me apart from them is me. i think it is time to get more personal.

But what does one talk about? My kids hold infinite possibilities of wild stories but I dont want to be "that mommy blogger". The thought of talking about my daily creative activities bores even me. So this is what I am proposing: I will publicly humiliate myself. Intreged?

Yes, I have a dark secret hiding in my home. I am a total mess. Have you ever seen the show horders? I would probably be that bad if I let myself go. SO this is my idea. I am going to document the fantastic disorganization and hopefully the process of improvement. By this, my wish is to not only humiliate myself into improving the situation but to inspire others to see there is a table at the bottom of that pile.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Undiscovered Gold

Swell 20x20 pillow
This week I was in the mood to lie down while on my search for a fabulous etsy shop. Maverick June certainly would make that more comfortable.

The pillowcases in her shop are clever, to say the least. Every single one is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic water bottles and have washable, non-allergenic poly-fil inserts. The images are cut by hand and machine stitched. Every pillow is made to order, so you can match your clever image with your color scheme.

Word 20x20 pillow
I was amazed by the variety of items in her shop. They are all very graphic in nature and can appeal to a vastly different audience. My favorite, for example, is WORD. To me it reminds me of my childhood and the silly fashionable language of youth. It also says, yes, I am a word written on this pillow.

Rock On 20x20 pillow
The best thing about throw pillows is that they are an easy way to change the decor of a room. I learned watching Christopher Lowell that if you pick a very basic couch you can use colored pillows to add punch and change them seasonally if you desire. This might be the shop to stock up on different words for your seasonal tastes!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Handspun Fun

Lady Pirate Superwash Handspun Yarn by Spinningwheelstudios

If I had infinite amounts of money, i think i would end up spending most of it on beautiful, hand-dyed and hand-spun yarns. There are tons of talented spinners/dyers on etsy, and I plan to share with you my favorites. Stay tuned!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Undiscovered Gold

Blogging is hard work, for me. i am not naturally one who writes about myself or any subject in particular. So I am constantly looking for reasons to share things with you. I have found a reason: Undiscovered Gold. My plan is to sift through the brand new shops and those that have yet to make a sale and give you a little view of what I deem to be the best.

CherishTreasures is going to be big. Every item in her shop is one of a kind and her presentation is flawless. This may be due to her background as a graphic designer, or just her love of combining her vintage materials with new in just the right way. She is located in Australia, but for only slightly more then domestic postage, she will ship anywhere in the world.

Since she just opened shop recently, there are only a few listings to choose from, but my personal favorite has to be Annie get your Gun. All of her work has a great sense of humor. i look forward to seeing more work from her in the future and her inevitable feature on the front page of etsy.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy National Golf Month!

I am making a confession here today: I don't play golf. The closest I have come is going to the driving range and eating at the clubhouse. I am also not a golf widow. My husband does play, but only goes out a few times a year. You may then wonder, how did I come to design golf club covers? For that you can thank my extended family.

In my own family, my parents did not play golf, but I have great memories of my grandparents involving golf. For as far back as I can remember, they lived on a golf course and played all the time. My grandfather was always in his silly old fashioned golf outfits; bright colored plaid pants and matching polo shirts. My grandmother started playing golf, far more fashionably, after a bad car accident ironically caused by a stray golf ball smashing the window of her car. A doctor suggested it as physical therapy to aid in her recovery. She went on to become club champion several times over.

Now my in-laws, they play. Whatever tournament happens to be going on that weekend is always on during family parties. Even some of the children in the family go out with their parents on the weekend to play. They are all members of the local PGA golf club, as well as a second down south for the winter. My husband has not joined the golf club yet, but he is planning on it when our finances allow.

Will I ever play golf? Probably. I love the idea of having a social walk with friends scheduled weekly. The challenge of swinging the club in just the right way as to get the ball in that tiny hole. The fun of designing your own golf club covers! I am sure those will be done before I even go to my first lesson :)

Happy National Golf Month to all, enjoy it on or off the course. If you are interested in any of the clubs shown, please visit my shop. Both club covers and patterns are available for sale.