Friday, August 13, 2010

Undiscovered Gold

Blogging is hard work, for me. i am not naturally one who writes about myself or any subject in particular. So I am constantly looking for reasons to share things with you. I have found a reason: Undiscovered Gold. My plan is to sift through the brand new shops and those that have yet to make a sale and give you a little view of what I deem to be the best.

CherishTreasures is going to be big. Every item in her shop is one of a kind and her presentation is flawless. This may be due to her background as a graphic designer, or just her love of combining her vintage materials with new in just the right way. She is located in Australia, but for only slightly more then domestic postage, she will ship anywhere in the world.

Since she just opened shop recently, there are only a few listings to choose from, but my personal favorite has to be Annie get your Gun. All of her work has a great sense of humor. i look forward to seeing more work from her in the future and her inevitable feature on the front page of etsy.


  1. What a good idea. I've recently been exploring the Pounce shopping feature on Etsy, which is interesting. I had no idea so many undiscovered shops existed.