Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy National Golf Month!

I am making a confession here today: I don't play golf. The closest I have come is going to the driving range and eating at the clubhouse. I am also not a golf widow. My husband does play, but only goes out a few times a year. You may then wonder, how did I come to design golf club covers? For that you can thank my extended family.

In my own family, my parents did not play golf, but I have great memories of my grandparents involving golf. For as far back as I can remember, they lived on a golf course and played all the time. My grandfather was always in his silly old fashioned golf outfits; bright colored plaid pants and matching polo shirts. My grandmother started playing golf, far more fashionably, after a bad car accident ironically caused by a stray golf ball smashing the window of her car. A doctor suggested it as physical therapy to aid in her recovery. She went on to become club champion several times over.

Now my in-laws, they play. Whatever tournament happens to be going on that weekend is always on during family parties. Even some of the children in the family go out with their parents on the weekend to play. They are all members of the local PGA golf club, as well as a second down south for the winter. My husband has not joined the golf club yet, but he is planning on it when our finances allow.

Will I ever play golf? Probably. I love the idea of having a social walk with friends scheduled weekly. The challenge of swinging the club in just the right way as to get the ball in that tiny hole. The fun of designing your own golf club covers! I am sure those will be done before I even go to my first lesson :)

Happy National Golf Month to all, enjoy it on or off the course. If you are interested in any of the clubs shown, please visit my shop. Both club covers and patterns are available for sale.

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