Friday, January 23, 2009

the stash on the increase

I have no idea why, but I seem to inherit large amounts of leftover yarn from friends and relatives. Last time it was Lopi wool, which I took because I thought it would be great to make large felted projects out of. This time it was bags and bags of Melrose rayon. I have no idea what I could possibly use this stuff for! Of course the original pattern that it was bought for was not included so i couldnt even just finish the project she was planning on making.

Of course I also have to buy my own favorites. I just started a tofutee, a t-shirt made out of 2 strands of tofutsies knit together. I also have two balls of sock wool and 2 of cascade fixation waiting to be made into socks for my family.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

afghan... what to do with leftovers

I had tons of leftover cheap acylic yarn so I decided to make one big project with it.


8 various colors red heart soft yarn

size 13 needles



with 2 strands of different colors, CO 30 st

work in sts for 30 rows ending on ws

cut one color and pick another

k 30 rows using new color combination

repeat 4 times more

cast off

make 4 panels total


with 2 strands of different colors, CO 8 st

knit 2, turn, knit 2

knit 4, turn, knit 4

knit 6, turn, knit 6

knit 8

continue in garter stitch until piece messures length of panel

knit 6, turn, knit 6

knit 4, turn, knit 4

knit 2, turn, knit 2

cast off

repeat 3 times more

sew pieces together

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mamouth Croc Liners

Yarn: Lion Brand Handspun
Needles: US size 8 16" Circular
size: fits size 9 womens Mamouth Croc

Bottom of foot:
CO 30 st
knit 6 rows garter flat
*k, k2t, k to end
k 3 rows*
repeat 3 times more

pu stiches around edge
k in garter in round for 4 rows
end at point of toe

toe shaping:
k2, turn
sl1, k2t, turn
sl1, k3, turn
sl1, k2, k2t, turn
sl1, k5, turn
sl1, k4, k2t, turn
sl1, k7, turn
sl1, k6, k2t, turn
sl1, k9, turn
sl1, k8, k2t, turn
sl1, k11, turn
*sl1, k10, k2t, turn*
repeat 3 rows

flap shaping:
sl1, k10, k2t, k1, turn
sl1, k11, k2t, k1, turn
sl1, k12, k2t, k1, turn
sl1, k13, k2t, k1, turn
sl1, k14, k2t, k1, turn
sl1, k15, k2t, k1, turn
sl1, k16, k2t, k1, turn
k in garter around 8 times

cast off loosely

for second foot, turn inside out when putting in the shoe