Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mamouth Croc Liners

Yarn: Lion Brand Handspun
Needles: US size 8 16" Circular
size: fits size 9 womens Mamouth Croc

Bottom of foot:
CO 30 st
knit 6 rows garter flat
*k, k2t, k to end
k 3 rows*
repeat 3 times more

pu stiches around edge
k in garter in round for 4 rows
end at point of toe

toe shaping:
k2, turn
sl1, k2t, turn
sl1, k3, turn
sl1, k2, k2t, turn
sl1, k5, turn
sl1, k4, k2t, turn
sl1, k7, turn
sl1, k6, k2t, turn
sl1, k9, turn
sl1, k8, k2t, turn
sl1, k11, turn
*sl1, k10, k2t, turn*
repeat 3 rows

flap shaping:
sl1, k10, k2t, k1, turn
sl1, k11, k2t, k1, turn
sl1, k12, k2t, k1, turn
sl1, k13, k2t, k1, turn
sl1, k14, k2t, k1, turn
sl1, k15, k2t, k1, turn
sl1, k16, k2t, k1, turn
k in garter around 8 times

cast off loosely

for second foot, turn inside out when putting in the shoe

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