Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lets write a blog

I have been racking my brain over the last few days on how to make this blog different and fun for my readers. I dont have the time or energy to constantly come up with new tutorials like I have done in the past. i already feature many great etsians on a weekly basis, but that is done by many handmade blogs all over the internet. The only thing that sets me apart from them is me. i think it is time to get more personal.

But what does one talk about? My kids hold infinite possibilities of wild stories but I dont want to be "that mommy blogger". The thought of talking about my daily creative activities bores even me. So this is what I am proposing: I will publicly humiliate myself. Intreged?

Yes, I have a dark secret hiding in my home. I am a total mess. Have you ever seen the show horders? I would probably be that bad if I let myself go. SO this is my idea. I am going to document the fantastic disorganization and hopefully the process of improvement. By this, my wish is to not only humiliate myself into improving the situation but to inspire others to see there is a table at the bottom of that pile.

1 comment:

  1. Love to see your disorganization!!! I have lots of that!