Thursday, March 10, 2011

Writing a new pattern; day 5

Watch Winder by SMStudio
If you are just joining us, you can start back at the beginning here. Now on with the show...

I thought I had it down. I was increasing every third row, but I didn't notice until it was WAY too late that I was creating a giant ruffle. Alas, frogging was the only option. Boy am I glad I bought a ball winder this past summer!

I am not sure why I am not working directly from a pattern to learn technique, but this is the path I am most comfortable with. I guess it will also teach me about how to create different movement in the fabric, so this may turn out to be a good thing.

The choice to work with the cheaper yarn may have been the best decision so far. I am less fearful of making a mess with it or "wasting it". It is also has less of an aura then what I had chosen before so I can see what I am doing. I guess I will never be one of those people who gets a kick out of using gorgeous expensive yarn. I am too afraid of ruining it. Probably why all that LYS stuff sits unused in my craft room while I work with the cheap stuff.

Hopefully, by my next post, I will be beginning to work on the final project idea so I can FINALLY share what all the fuss is about.


  1. Good luck on your shawl! Maybe once you have it down, then you can make one with the fancy yarn for yourself:)

  2. that is what I hope! i have so much gorgeous sock yarn sitting in a bin.