Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Funky Fights the Funk

Hello Sweetie soap by Funky Chunks
So I am on Twitter (big surprise) and one of my "friends" tweets that she is mixing up a batch of new soaps. The names included: Suntan, Surf Wax, Dirty Boy, Good Earth, Wasabi and Jersey Girl. You can imagine why it caught my attention. What does a jersey girl smell like? And do I really want soap that smells like a dirty boy?

I responded that they sounded pretty cool and guess what... Free Samples!!!

Funky Chunks has some great looking soaps. All are made from organic materials right on the Jersey Shore. She also offers a line of scrubs, candles and lotions. She even has more masculine scents for those manly men and hand-crocheted washcloths to use with her products. I have to say though, my favorite thing about her soap is its appearance. What amazing looking soap! I can imagine it in my guest bathroom, giving off its delicate fragrance and dazzling the eye at the same time.

The samples arrive and I am not disappointed. There are three beautifully wrapped and labeled bars of soap. I pull out Good Earth first. It smells like a day in the park. Next up is Dirty Boy. It has a much stronger, minty scent to it. Last is Jersey Girl. Taking a whiff reminded me of vanilla candles.

Michele, owner of Funky Chunks, also included a card directing me to return to her website for a "customer testing program". I get the free soap, and in return she gets to pick my brain. Seems like a good deal to me!

Be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook for updates on all their products.


  1. cute packaging but I don't think Jersey girls smell like vanilla!

  2. Kim: most of jersey doesn't smell like the beach :P

  3. Funkychunks makes the best soap in the country! Which reminds me, I have to order some for my daughter...

    Love your blog, Tracey. Just took up knitting so will add you to my reader.