Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Top Shop: Go Team

Baseball Golf Club Covers
Etsy has a lot of teams. A LOT of teams. I am not going to discuss any of them today. This article is not about Etsy Teams the way you may have experienced them in the past...

The Team I am going to propose to you today is more like a Think Tank. A small group of creatives get together, it is of no consequence if their shops sell even remotely similar items, in fact it may be helpful if they sell drastically different things. This group then takes on the task of helping each other make their shops the best they can be.

Face it, we all have aspects of our shops we love and hate. Things we are good at and things we probably could use a little help with. What you are good at is probably not the same as your neighbor. So lets get together and share our strengths and get something great in return!

If you are interested in participating in a Think Tank, I am sure their are others like you who would be happy to join in. Please comment below with:

  • your etsy shop link
  • what you think you could bring to the team as your strength. 
Hopefully we will be able to get teams together with a diverse a group as possible.


  1. I'm in Trace!
    I'm an idea girl, good at newsletter marketing and marketing in general, some computer work.....

  2. great! lets spread the word and get some more team members