Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Top Ten Crafter Must Haves

Keep Calm and Craft On Ladies T by BoldBanana
Can you imagine some people dont keep these things around the house? I have an overstocked collection of crafting supplies but there are those just beginning their stash. Here are the must haves for all creative types.

  1. Library Card I am starting with this one because it is no longer a given that everyone has one of these. What a great resource for ideas! They stock books on every kind of craft; you can make copies of your favorites if you wish, or just bring the book back when you are done with it. Be sure to check out the crafting books in the adult and children's sections, you never know what will have that idea you need.
  2. Self Healing Cutting Mat Don't destroy your kitchen table with that x-acto knife, cut on a mat, that is what it is made for. The self healing part will prevent you from going over the lines of your previous project. 
  3. Hot Glue Gun Great on just about any surface for some serious gluing action. Dries clear and you can pick off the little strings after it dries very easily.
  4. X-Acto Knife I mentioned this along with the self healing mat. Use it to cut out those detailed paper dolls or a straight line. Just be sure to change the blade when it gets dull or the point breaks; and watch your fingers!
  5. Metal Ruler It can measure, it has a straight edge, you cant cut into it, what cant this amazing item do! Be sure you get one with a cork backing so it wont slide around as you use it.
  6. Colored Paper From the fanciest scrapbooking sheets to the cheapest pad of construction paper, you will use this for so many projects. Cut it up, draw on it, rip it to pieces, even sew it together; there are a million uses for this craft room staple.
  7. Yarn I know what you may be thinking: Tracey, I am not a knitter, what do I need yarn for? There are millions of projects that never use a knit or purl stitch you can use yarn for. Pick up a few small balls in various colors and maybe some needlepoint floss as well.
  8. Pencils This is my drawing item of choice. I use standard #2 with the pink eraser for drawing and colored pencils for loads of projects. Great for drawing as well as marking your cutting lines. Just be sure to have a pencil sharpener as well!
  9. Old Shirts SOOOOOO many uses for old t-shirts. You need a smock, done. You need a project bag, sew it up. You need a rag to clean up, it can do that too. There are books filled with projects just using old shirts. 
  10. Binder Remember how I said to make copies of your favorite projects from library books? Well this is where you are going to keep them all. A folder would probably work too, but I find that they overflow way too fast. Stash all your ideas in one place for easy access. 
Your faves not included in this list? What would you say is your Must-Have craft supply?

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  1. I love your crafts ideas! I'm taking notes. :-) thanks