Monday, February 7, 2011

Geekly Weekly: Nerds in Love

Love is in the air. Like Han and Leia, Wesley and Hermione, Peter and Mary Jane... love is everywhere in the geek universe. There is no reason to celebrate this Hallmark holiday the way the card companies have told us to. Break out a page from your favorite fanboy materials to stir up the romance.

















side note: the last selection was for my honey; happy valentines day pica <3


  1. Tracey,
    These are some great picks! Although, I know someone who would love your Yoda golf club cover:)

    Happy V-Day!

  2. yoda, popular he is :)

    well valentines day happens every year and it is tough for some to think of new ideas. That's the idea behind this idea.

  3. RE: Kiracards

    This girl stole the idea from someone else, and came up with super lame slogans to boot. When I confronted her on it, she just sad "nyah nyah" and created the most elaborate keyboard smilie I've seen in my life. Thanks for supporting a thief, tools! She made tons of money off of stealing an idea, and you contributed to that!

  4. Badfish:

    if you are going to flame people, please be kind enough to back it up with proof. I was unable to find any evidence of what you are accusing Kiracards of.