Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sports Craft: Hockey Chalkboard

I am very excited to be attending my very first hockey game this weekend. I have by jersey ready to go and tickets in hand. What i dont have is any hockey items in my home. This is another fun project easy enough to do with your little ones but can be jazzed up for the grown ups.

peel and stick chalkboard (available at ACMoore) or chalkboard paint (available at Michaels)
magnet sheets (printable or self adhesive, either is fine. Available at most craft stores)
large circle about 9" in diameter or circle cutter
white paper
  1. peel and stick magnet to chalkboard, peel and stick sides facing
  2. trace circle onto chalkboard using chalk
  3. cut out circle, you now have your "puck"
  4. draw hockey stick onto cardboard and cut out
  5. trace hockey stick so that they are a similar shape or draw a second stick and cut out
  6. glue white paper to both sides of cardboard
  7. cut white paper following edge of the "hockey stick"
  8. decorate the sticks as you like using markers. this is a great place to put your favorite team or kid's names.
  9. glue these sticks to the chalkboard side of your puck
  10. grab a piece of chalk, hang it on your fridge and you are done!
alternatives: you can use chalkboard spray if you want instead of pre-made chalkboard

thanks again to my little girl for doing this craft with me.

I would love to see your projects. be sure to post links to your pics in my comments section!

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