Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Forever Learning

"When you stop growing you start dying."
— William S. Burroughs

Chalkboard Teacher Notebook by Gibberish2
I decided to open my etsy shop about a year and a half ago exclusively to sell my hand-knit items. Research on how to sell crafts became part of my life. I have spent at least 10 hours every week since then reading everything i can get my hands on about how to improve my business. Some have been very inspiring, others less so, but I would never have known that had I not taken the time to try.

Today I take my first live session with April of BlackburgBelle. This is the first time I am paying for help with my site. I felt like I had exhausted much of the free resources, and with the success and growth I have seen in my business, it was time to re-invest. April has been working me HARD already. 4 weeks before our first class the homework began. Think about your customers, inspirations, blog ideas, short biography, etc... I am officially overwhelmed! Taking a break became necessary.

ANYWAY... the point I really wanted to make is that it is very important to not limit yourself to what you already know. Yes, I know how to knit. I know how to write a pattern. But as we in the all know, it takes allot more then that to run a shop. Expand your skill base. There are tons of free and cheap resources available online. Also, be sure to check out your local library for great books on selling your crafts. And lastly, give yourself a break. You are not going to learn everything in a day, take your time and learn as you go, you may find that you are learning as much from the experience as from the research.

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