Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sports Craft: Football Pillow

a great decoration for your Superbowl party, man cave, or boy's bedroom. This Football shaped pillow is a nice easy project to do with  your sports and craft loving kids alike.


2 pieces brown felt
1 piece white felt
fiber fill


  1. draw a football shape on the brown felt, using as much of the surface as possible
  2. cut out the shape on both pieces
  3. cut out white strips; 4 long ones, 1 medium, and 4 short ones.
  4. glue strips on the two sides 
  5. let glue set
  6. place glue along edge of one side and stick insides together leaving a nice size hole for stuffing
  7. let glue dry
  8. carefully fill with stuffing
  9. place glue on edge of one side of hole and press closed. you may need something to weight it down, I used a plate
  10. let it dry, you can always clean up the edges at the end so don't worry
As an adult alternative, you can use a hot glue gun, fabric glue or pin the pieces on and sew.

Big thanks to my daughter for all her help in this project :)

Afghan shown: knit remnant blanket by Tracey Knits. You can find the pattern for free here.

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