Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sports Craft: Flipping Gymnast

I am very excited about this project. My eight year old daughter and I collaborated on it together. I had this idea for a flipping gymnast but was not sure what I could use to attach the rubberband to. She suggested the box and this craft idea was born.

cardboard box
full length photo or drawing of gymnast
clothes pin
rubber band
2 popsicle sticks
hole punch
white paper
crayons, markers, etc.

  1. if you are not using a shoebox, cut open "front" side of box
  2. draw background on paper and glue inside box
  3. cut out picture you plan on using as the "gymnast"
  4. glue to clothes pin
  5. punch holes as close to level as possible in either side of box
  6. wrap rubber band around popsicle stick
  7. thread other end of rubber band through both holes in box with popsicle stick on outside of one hole
  8. secure rubber band with second popsicle stick
  9. clip your gymnast to the rubber band
Big thanks to both my son and daughter who each made their own flipping gymnast box. 

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