Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Top Shop: Organize your Space (Part 3)

If you are just joining us, you can read all about Day 1 and Day 2 of this project. Now, on with the show...

Day 3 was a Monday morning. I am surprisingly efficient on monday mornings, I think it is my most productive time of the week. i got my kids on the schoolbus then got right down to business.

There were still piles stacked up outside of the room and even some that ended up back in the art room so that I could add items to the cabinets as I went. My greatest challenge lie in the space stocked with the kids stuff as well as some of my old cardmaking supplies. I emptied out the whole thing and noticed allot of dried up paint and markers, as well as half empty boxes. This was no good. I consolidated all the usable items, even bringing down my stamps and an old school bedazzler. I must have thrown out a bucket of old markers and paint pens!

Once the challenge of the kids area was taken care of, I was able to start work on re-organizing the yarn I actually use for my shop. I already had most of it stored in clear plastic containers by color, but I still had a hard time finding what I needed most often. This time I took out my handy-dandy chart and was sure to put the most used yarns in the easiest place to find them.

Since I completed this project I have done 2 projects; a NY Giants football helmet and a Yoda golf club cover. Both use completely different yarns. I was able to quickly and easily locate all the yarn and tools I needed, flipped through my pattern notebook to find the patterns and get right to work.

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