Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The weather is not good for my health

While the rainy weather may be good for the plants, it is just not doing justice to my mental state. I have gotten tons done but I still feel like I have not made headway. It is certainly not helping that I have no motivation to get to the gym or leave the house in general.

In the meanwhile, I am now going to remind myself just how much I have gotten done. I now have 2 paintings listed for sale on Etsy. I finished my mother's day present for my step-mother and got it in the mail this morning with a beautiful card. I am almost done with a flower to adorn the purse I am giving to my grandmother, in-person so I have plenty of time. My MIL's present has been done for a while. Now I pretty much just need to sign the cards and throw them in gift bags. How does my husband get out of helping me with this?

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