Tuesday, May 19, 2009


If it wasn't going to be stressful enough already, my DH decides to bump up his knee surgery to tomorrow. Now I don't want him to suffer, that is certainly not why I am complaining, I would like little notice so that I can get myself mentally prepared for taking care of the kids and him for a week straight. I know in life things get thrown at you you cant possibly be prepared for. I thought I was prepared for this. I had it all set up for the end of June. My mom was going to help me with the kids so I could take care of him. Now I am going to have to take on the task all by myself. Oh well, I have done it before I guess I can do it again.

I am so close to being done with a Miami Dolphins golf club cover. Of course I am totally distracted by this whole surgery thing. It will give me something to do later I guess, and tomorrow I may have a minute to take the photos before I pick him up at the hospital. Isn't it nice the way I prioritize?

I did get a chance to get to the new coach outlet in Jackson, NJ today. A little treat to calm my nerves. Almost everything in the store was 50% off of the already reduced prices. I got a very cool aqua leather bag with brass hardware for $130. It retailed (supposedly) for $359 so it was quite a steal. Ah, retail therapy.

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