Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Twitter Obsession

If you are actively trying to promote your etsy shop like I am, you may have found that twitter is a great resource. With one small sentence, I am able to reach as many people who follow me. The trick is getting those followers.

That being said, I have been using a few new tools. Firstly, twibes will connect you with anyone who lists themselves with your common interest. In order to use this successfully however, you must go on there site to post your tweet. Twibs is a great place to search through twitter based businesses. ifollow and wefollow are similar in some ways, they are both listings of people who will follow you back if you follow them. the major difference is that wefollow lists participants by 3 keywords of their choosing making it easier to search for others with similar interests. Lastly, I have been using huitter. The "mutuality" application is a great way to follow back all the people who follow you, or conversely, to unfollow those that have stopped following you.

2 weeks ago I started with about 30 people following me. As of this morning I have just shy of 600.

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  1. hi there - the link for twibes isn't working. is it still active?