Monday, May 4, 2009

sorry to be away for so long!

I have been knitting for mothers day. SHHHH! Don't tell the recipients! I made those adorable golf club covers for my Mother-in-law and just finished some pedicure socks which i must mail shortly for my step-mother. My poor mom gets the sort end of the stick, I knit her nothing. I wanted so much to do something extra special for her and ended up putting so much pressure on myself that I got nothing done. I am giving her some already done art and an IOU for the item of her choice.

My new shop is going up well. Red Linc Design Boutique now has a bunch of photographic items and the first of many paintings. I was told that putting up one item at a time is much smarter then putting everything on at once so I am trying to take it slow. We will see if I can stir up any interest with Twitter and Facebook.

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