Friday, May 15, 2009

Plugging Away

While I got alot of research done yesterday, that never feels like accomplishing anything. So I am making a point today to get out of the house and get tangible things done.

I have already put up a new item for sale on Etsy, and I may put up another one this afternoon, I am still not sure. I really should be creating but I still have things in my archives that I would love to sell before I start making new things; destash as the kids say.

My friend Bari at Yarn-It in Deal was telling me yesterday that sock yarn is flying off the shelves. A visit from the Navesink Knitters sold at least 10 skeins alone! I am not surprised, being a sock knitter myself, all her sock yarn is 30% off and it only takes one skein a pair so it is easy to stock up. I myself have at least 6 pairs awaiting my needles. When I make a sale I think I will treat myself to faster needles, get those socks done super quick!

I was contemplating posting my baby hat pattern, but there are about a billion of them available for free online so I will not bore you with that today. When i do something new and fabulous I will be sure to let you know :P

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