Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Top Shop: What's The Big Idea?

Dancing Bear Golf Club Covers by TraceyKnits on Etsy
I am super excited that I found my big idea. In the way that Steve Martin was when he discovered his "Special Purpose" in The Jerk, I now know what it is I bring to the world through my work. How did I come upon it? Well, I was hoping you would ask me that :)

While Watching Kathy Lee and Hoda the other day, the show had a feature on fashions in sports clothing. So far, right up my alley right? A lot of the outfits were very new designs for running, tennis, etc... then there was golf. The golfer was wearing something super-sexy and cool; something I would love to wear on the course but KNOW I would never see on any of the golfers I know. The thought got in my mind, why do these golfers take themselves so seriously? Why is their equipment and clothing so serious? What I love most about my golf club covers is that they are light-hearted and fun; not so serious. Soooooo...

I am putting play back in the game.

Yay! My big idea!

Everyone needs a big idea that drives their company. Some call it a moto, others a slogan. It is imperative to the success of your shop that you know why you do what you do. It is one of the reasons your customers choose your shop over others that may offer similar items. Reebok and Nike both have sneakers, but Nike has "Just Do It", a slogan that has brought them success beyond their competitors.

Now my customers will know why they should choose my shop; I will make their golf game more fun by the addition of my club covers.

Do you know your big idea? Share it in the comments below.


  1. Great article Traci. I totally agree with you that one has to focus on a theme in their shops. Unfortunately I still haven't quite found mine. So I'm still searching. :)

  2. hope you find yours soon, it has brought me new enthusiasm.

  3. These are so fun Tracey! I love your Star Wars themed covers!!! The Jerk is one of my favorite all time comedies! ~Val