Friday, April 8, 2011

Something New

Sneaker Baby Booties Pattern by Traceyknits
It has been a while (well for me anyway) since I wrote up a successful new pattern. You can imagine how I felt today when i completed work on a brand new pair of baby booties that i created entirely out of my imagination. 

Making things for babies is a joy I share with many knitters. Besides the fact that it is so nice to see their cute little bodies in our handmade creations, most projects are so small that they can take you little more then a day to complete. Even with creating this project from scratch, I was able to knit, type it up and photograph it in about 4 hours.

I have already posted the pattern for sale, and the original pair will be going to a very sporty young man who will be born this May. He will also have a very cute matching football helmet to wear this winter.


  1. OMG! LOVE THEM and they are so original!! Great job Tracey!

  2. thank you :) i gave them to the "daddy" today. He loved them too.