Friday, April 1, 2011

Lets Make a Dress: my inspiration

Everyone (by that I mean some people) has a moment when they start to feel like they are old and ugly. I KNOW I'm not old or ugly but have been having that moment a lot recently. Mother of 2, closer to 40 then 30, couldn't get into my skinny clothes if i tried. And what makes me feel better when I am in that funk? Proving myself wrong.

I do actually have an occasion I needed to go shopping for. My BIL's wedding is at the end of this summer. I also happened to have a nice sized gift card to a fancy local dress shop. So there was in fact a reason for me to be trying on this stunning piece.

The dress (shown on the left) is by Roberto Cavalli. It retails for $2500. Let me say that again, $2500!!! even with my nice gift card, there was no way I was taking that dress home.

So what does a crafty girl do in this situation? Why i took a REALLY good look at the dress, headed over to the fabric store, bought something that I liked, drew out a pattern and got to work!

I will be posting the pattern and pictures when I am done, whether or not it turns out the way I plan...

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