Thursday, June 11, 2009

Little One Keeping Me Busy

Last night was my daughter's dress rehearsal for her dance recital which is scheduled for this Sunday. Today is what the school is calling "Leap", but is really a kindergarten graduation ceremony.

I know that it is not unusual to have a zillion kid activities piled on top of each other but this is my first real experience with it. i am already overwhelmed. I am not sure how to schedule my day around all this stuff, will she be too tired if we go to the beach in the morning on sunday? Will she be cooperative enough for us to cut it close like that? Do I have all the grandparents meet up at our house to go to the location? I guess I can leave that one up to my husband since I have to be there an hour early with my daughter.

I started work on a sweater from recycled yarn. The pattern is from this book 1000 sweaters that you can mix and match bodies, sleeves and collars. I have attempted sweaters before with sad results. The first one fits but is unflattering, the second was so off in fit that it was frogged after completion. I am hoping because I am strictly adhearing to the pattern, things will turn out better this time.

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