Thursday, June 18, 2009

go Team go!

I am very excited about the prospect of teamwork. Working at home on art projects can be very isolating so I have joined several of Etsy's teams in hopes that it will not only promote my shop but make me a better artist as well.

Etsytwitter Team is a gang of shop owners who all promote through twitter. I have found twitter to be a great resource. Constantly updating with new and exciting information from all over the world. I often post my new listings as well as remind people of older items and forwarding bits of information to my followers from friends.

Etsyknit Team i use exclusively for my knit items. All the knitters/crocheters/spinners make beautiful things and vary in style, construction and price.

Etsynj team is my hometown as Bruce would say. It is amazing the diversity of artists spanning this great state. The team discusses local issues like craft fairs and art shows as well as arranging meet ups for moral support.

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