Tuesday, June 30, 2009

GlitzyEvents handmade invitations

I was searching through the recent listings of the Etsytwitter team and happened upon this shop. I worked at an invitation store for several years and have seen my share of beautiful custom work, but this shop is fabulous.

What I first noticed was the craftsmanship. Ever invitation I looked at was thoughtfully designed, picking fonts and colors that worked well together. The papers appear to be extremely high quality, a major consideration for custom invitation customers. The designs are modern and simple, but always have that something special making them totally original.

Don't even get me started on price! When I got married, my invitations (which I ordered through a high end catalogue at a huge discount) cost over $1000 for 100. That is $10 an invitation!!! Of course that included response cards and matching directions. GlitzyEvents starts at $2 and the most expensive one listed is $8!

Even if you have already picked out the invitations, you can find other wedding requirements, like unity candles, table cards, and tissue packets. All are customized to your specifications.

make sure to check them out at their Etsy site: GlitzyEvents

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