Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tracey Knits A New Banner

I was having this great discussion about branding with a friend last night. Things like who you are and what people to remember about what you sell.

I have established that I am Tracey (pretty clear in the name) but I dont think the fact that I knit has much to do with the products I create or the people who buy them. On the whole, my work is knit, yes, but it is also sports related. I started my line with golf club covers, and this winter I added a very successful line of football helmet hats. The people who buy from me chose the item because of their love of a team, not knit or handmade items. At least that is my interpretation based on sales.

SOOOO..... here is the POSSIBLE new version of my banner. My old banner is at the top of this blog for you to compare. I want opinions people! Do you think it is better/worse/no different? let me know!!!


  1. I love the new banner! It is simple and says what you do. The old one is adorable but not as easy to read.

  2. not easy to ready; i agree with that. Yet another good reason to change it!

  3. I love the new banner!! I think it really does speak to your sports knitting theme.