Monday, March 29, 2010

Handmade Shop of the Week: KnittinK

AB of KnittinK has been supplying handmade yarns for fiber lovers everywhere since the Summer of 2008. Her handspun and handdyed yarns are whymsically named and seriously gorgeous.

Why did you decide to open your handmade shop?
Originally a knitter, I fell in love with fiber, became wholeheartedly addicted, and started spinning my twisted little heart out. I opened a seller account once I knew I'd call myself KnittinK, and originally thought I'd have screenprinted tshirts and handknit items. That was before my stash was taken over by fiber, rather than finished yarns. :)

Has your inventory changed much since you first opened?
Not so much, then again, I'm still a fledgling shop in a lot of ways. I still have the same vision, which is to produce bizarre and interesting yarns based on comic books, general geekery (LOTR, video games), and 80s cartoons.

Who are the majority of your customers? How did they find you?
So far, my customers have been my friends, former co-workers, followers on twitter, and a couple of ravelers. I think twitter and ravelry have been mainly responsible for my customers, though I've got a few hearts from flickr as well.

What inspires you to create?
When I start up the dyebath, I do google image searches on characters I like, or sometimes just phrases. I also like to take photographs of action figures at my local comic book shop, Comicazi in Davis Square, and make lists of what I think would be compelling. I really like the concept of pitting characters against each other, particularly when they're not from the same "universe". Like "Firestorm vs. Phoenix", Firestorm's a DC Comics character, while Phoenix is the better known, Jean Grey of Marvel comics.

What is your favorite item in your shop currently? Your most popular item?
Spring at Rivendell has the most hearts right now, but Green Arrow is my favorite.

What has been your greatest resource to make your shop successful?
So far, I'd have to say Twitter and Ravelery. Both communities have great people, with fantastic resources. In addition to that, I'd say, simply meeting people, and having my card handy has been very helpful as well.

Any changes coming to your shop in the future? Why yes, as a matter of fact. More fibers! In the coming months (Feb-March), I'll have some mohair, BFL, vegan fibers, bamboo, tencel blends, etc. In addition, I'll be posting yarns as they correspond to movie releases (HINT: Iron Man 2 and Tim Burton's Alice, for a start!)

How else can we find you online? Any team affiliations?
You can find me on ravelry, flickr and twitter as: KnittinKbyAB. I'm not yet on any etsy street teams, but I'm hoping to do a Phat Fiber box by Spring at the latest (that depends on what shows I do locally this year).

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