Friday, March 12, 2010

Making a removable laptop decal

i just got a new macbook and since it is still in good condition I am not ready to put a permanent sticker across the front. I know they make window clings and magnets but I really wanted something personal that I could not find in a shop. Having one made for you online can cost more then $30! For a sticker!!!

So I did a little online research and you can buy inkjet printable window cling paper. It costs $12.99 at Staples where I found it for 10 sheets, but it is 8.5x11 and you can make any design you want. Compared to $30 it seems pretty reasonable.

I am going to combine the two images shown to make a cool new sticker for my laptop. Both are my original illustrations so it will be good advertising too.

inkjet printable window cling paper
inkjet printer
scrap paper
ruler (to measure the surface you are making it for)

1) In your favorite design program, create an image that you want to adhere to your laptop
2) take measurements of the surface and make sure what you have created will cover it. Re-size to fit
3) be sure to print it on the scrap paper first to make sure it looks just like you want
4) print your final version and slap it on your laptop.

Here is my final design, I call it "Peace, Love and Apple"


  1. Thanks for the DIY instructions. I am going to get me some clings next week and make my own laptop deco.

  2. Very cool idea! I wanted to put some signs in the windows but not anything permanent so you got me thinking about that!

  3. there are so many uses for this article... faux stained glass windows, privacy for first floor or "close to neighbor" windows, even decorations for kids bathroom mirrors