Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to make recycled art postcards

Postcards are a great way to promote your etsy site. Many etsians have them printed using images from their shops. You can include them in your orders when you send them out or hand them out at craft fairs instead of business cards. They are not terribly expensive but they are little more then a business card in most cases.

These cards are miniature works of art! You can give them away and be sure that they will be kept and displayed or mailed out to someone special. And every single one of them will have you shop info on it to remind them of how talented you are.

recycled thin cardboard box (like a cereal box)
scissor, x-acto knife, or paper trimmer
glue, mod podge, or varnish medium
good size flat paint brush
scraps of decorative paper
pen or marker

pick out a nice clean box with thin cardboard
rip it along seam so you can get the most cards from the box possible
measure out as many cards as you can size 4.25"x6", this is a standard size postcard and will be accepted by the post office for postcard rate
brush glue across the colorful side of the cardboard and paste paper to it, leaving brown side blank
make sure to put a layer of glue on top of your design to seal it
flip the card over and draw lines with a ruler for the address, then be sure to put your shop name and address in fine print (but still legible) across the bottom.

Not only are these good for promoting your shop, they are good for the earth! Be sure to post a link to pics of your creative designs.