Friday, March 5, 2010

Sew Easy Labels

As you may or may not know, I will be selling my hand-knit golf club covers in a New Jersey store called Jersey Made in just a matter of weeks. In order to promote my brand, I decided to sew in labels to each one of my items available in the shop. In the past I have ordered labels from other etsians; not terribly expensive, but not my personal design either. So here is a way to DIY these sew in labels:

printable fabric (I used June Taylor Colorfast in White, available at Jo-ann fabric)
inkjet printer
microsoft word
scrap paper

these are instructions using microsoft word;
Click on Format and scroll down to document
change the width of you borders to the minimum allowed by your printer; mine is .6"
click on table and insert a table with 4 columns
fill in the information you wish to have in your first box
make sure to center the text vertically and horizontally in the box
copy and paste your final version across the row
then do the same for additional rows the length of the page
I was able to make 64 labels on one sheet this way

make sure to print a sample sheet
cut out your label and see if the size fits nicely where you would like it
when you have gotten the final version, print on your fabric
follow the instructions for making it washable on the package
cut out your little tags with enough room to sew them on
AND that is it! soooo easy.


  1. Thank you SO much for this post. This is so incredibly helpful- I had no idea such things exisited!

  2. Thanks, I will check out for printable fabric in my Region

  3. Such a good idea. I'll have to check out if i can find the fabric around here. thank you.

  4. I am glad this was helpful. As I stated, i had bought labels from others in the past. Now that I know it is soooo easy, I will never do that again!

  5. Great idea! I'll have to look for some printable fabric!