Friday, October 22, 2010

Undiscovered Gold

If you are reading this you have an appreciation of words. I love an interesting font placed just so on a page to give a dramatic effect. Even better is a subtle visual joke. Maybe it is all those years working in graphic design, maybe it is just because it is so different from what I do day to day.

SwellCrafts is filled with such "swell" cards. Even if she took a pen and wrote these sayings on a piece of cardstock, it would be enough. The added bonus of these greeting cards is her font choices and clever little icons added to give that sense of humor.

Lauren, creator of SwellCrafts, is a graphic designer by trade, working in print, web and video. She even has published photographer in her resume! She lives in Arkansas where all of these cards are made by hand and can be customized by request.

The cards are reasonably priced and are made on textured white cardstock. They come with a matching envelope and are tied together with a piece of organic hemp.

Want more? You can find her full design portfolio online, read her blog, and follow her on twitter.  

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