Friday, October 1, 2010

Undiscovered Gold

Maybe I am just in the mood for some halloween mischief, or maybe it was the gloomy skies covering the east coast the last few days, but this weeks shop will put you right in the mood for a scary movie.

Strangetastic haunts the town of Austin, Texas with his otherworldly curiosities. The shop opened in August of 2010 with a collection of small bottles. The glass vessels are spooky enough with wax dripping over their foggy surface, then we are treated to the story behind the item:
According to the old tales, the citizens of the town of River Derbane would trap ghosts within the very small confines of these bottles to prevent them from haunting the living.

Sealed with wax and cork, the tiny bottle also contains soil (perhaps from the grave of the deceased) and a scrawled note purported to reveal the last mortal thought of the spirit trapped within. Alas, the words cannot be read without releasing the trapped haunt.

Whether the artifact is genuine or a replica, haunted or a hoax, is for you to decide. But buyer beware, we offer no warranty for lingering spirits.
Want more? You can find stories on their website


  1. Thanks so much for writing about us!

  2. That is really neat! Very inventive for the spooky season!!