Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day Special Edition

As I am doing my daily routine I always have my tweetdeck on in the background. Today, being like any other, it is scrolling past with messages from handmade sellers and artists all over the world. In America, it happens to be a holiday called veterans day. Many of the messages simply say thank you to those that served our country. This of course got me to thinking, is that what we are really thanking them for?

Both my grandfathers served in europe in WWII. The US was attacked at Pearl Harbor and we sent our troops overseas to battle our attackers (Japan) as well as their allies (Germany and Italy). I am not sure if they were drafted or volunteered, but they served just the same. It was a clear good guy/bad guy situation and we needed to defend our country. Much respect due.

My father in law, may he rest in peace, is considered a veteran of vietnam. After European troops unsuccessful tried to hold off the communist takeover of Asia, in came the US thinking we could save the day once again. The draft was instituted and my father in law very smartly joined the national guard in order to avoid being sent overseas. My father went to college and became a teacher for much the same reason. I am proud of them both. They served their country without having to get involved in a bad situation.

One of my best friends is an Iraq veteran. I lived in manhattan at the time the world trade center was destroyed by terrorists based in Afghanistan. He was sent downtown to watch our tunnels and bridges, to protect the city as a representative of our national guard. Six months before we was done with his contract with the US government, he was sent overseas to fight for the "freedom" of Iraq. Because we couldn't justify the draft, troops were stop-lossed to keep the numbers necessary. He spent a year in Iraq. Thankfully, his body returned home in one piece.

I want to thank the veterans for serving, some when no one else would, others who truly believed in the cause, and even those who just went with the flow. You took orders without question and put yourself in harms way as representatives of your country. Peace.

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