Friday, November 19, 2010

Undiscovered Gold: girly little girls

When I had my first child, we had no idea if we were having a boy or a girl. My husband and I wanted to be surprised. We bought everything in neutral colors and had names ready for both sexes. Even if we had known we were to have a girl, nothing would have prepared us for the frenzy surrounding one specific girl toy; The American Girl Doll.

Fortunately, The Walnut Rabbit is one of those shops that has your little girl in mind for the holidays. The walnut rabbit is a small workshop nestled deep in the woods of Northern Virginia They begin with an original watercolor of one of the American Girl Doll pets. The image is shrunk down to pendant size and attached to a piece of handblown glass. It is glazed and attached by its loop to a piece of satin ribbon.

The Walnut Rabbit doesn't just dress the doll of your little girl. Each pendant comes as a set; one for the girl and one for her doll. They even wrap it in an adorable little box with a satin ribbon and their mascot on the front.

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