Friday, November 5, 2010

Undiscovered Gold: Recycling at its best

It is just starting to get cold here in New Jersey. Leaves are turning shades of brown and yellow. It is time to start pulling out those heaver weight clothes. Old sweaters are boring you? check out what Bluefangtooth has done.

Every single one of the gorgeous creations in Bluefangtooth's shop have been created from recycled sweaters. Thats right, she has taken those old and boring castoffs and created new and amazing pieces. Each item is one of a kind and made of a mixture of materials ranging from Cashmere to Cotton. They are all made with external seaming for additional character.

Gwen, artist and designer of these masterpieces of fashion, began her creative journey at a young age. In the mid 90's she taught impressionable youth to explore their artistic side, then moved to work in the digital arts in the new millenium.

You can check out all of her current designs in her etsy shop. You can also learn more about her art and design work by checking out her website.

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