Wednesday, September 23, 2009

RIP Rich Rediker

i am a very lucky person, I have always had a good relationship with my in-laws. They have always loved and cared about me but are sure to keep their distance and respect my family relationships.

My FIL, a passionate family man, died yesterday at the age of 65. He was battling a number of problems, most loudly of which was his shoulder pain, but none of which caused his demise. Basically, his heart had no more fight left and when challenged by a new infection, it couldn't beat heard enough.

I know there are many people who were touched by him. He was born and raised on the jersey shore but his reach was vast. Once while in Kinkos in NYC, my husband mentioned his name at the counter to a clerk and a person behind us in line began to sing his commercial jingle!

Thank you all for listening.

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