Friday, September 11, 2009

Get Ready for Fall Fest

Getting ready for my first craft fair has proved itself to be very difficult. I know I was going to have to up my game and create a much larger inventory of images and finished work to sell. I also knew I needed to get stuff to be able to make my setup look professional. i had no idea the kinds of things that would be monopolizing my time!

Last night I spent the evening redesigning my business card. Yes, I said redesigning. I also worked on a label to put on the back of every item sold. This is after i spent the morning coloring one of the cutest dollies ever then couldnt get the damn scanner to capture the color in her face correctly.

Today my goal is to draw something new. i am not quite sure what it is going to be but it will be new. I want to go into this fair with 10 fabulous drawings that are of unquestionable quality.

If you are interested in stopping by, my fair schedule is listed here. Pass it on to your friends, lots of fun will be had by all!