Wednesday, September 30, 2009

doodling brings inspiration

since I have been busy with my FIL's death, the holidays, and my first craft fair, I have not been creating new art for a few weeks now. I can tell you, sometimes it is hard to get back into it. but I have found the answer; doodling!

while doodling last night, I started to draw an eye. The eye itself was very cool so i scanned it. Then I went on to draw other things. That eye was still at the top of the page begging me to add a little something. Since it was already scanned, I had no fear of ruining it and started to play with it. More lashes, makeup, etc. and the final result was the Eye of Horus.
I am most proud of the things that come from my imagination, whether they be translations of life drawing or totally from my head. I just hope I am able to keep up the pace and create some more great doodles to share. I know that I am going to be painting again soon, so this is great preparation. Can't wait to see what comes out of that!

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