Friday, August 28, 2009

seriously geeky etsy shop

I am in love with this shop:

Talk about Geekery! I am seriously considering trading in my old, boring earrings for these cool silver disks. They hold the answer to life, the universe and everything:

When I have all the answers, I will surely want to take a roll of the dice and play some D&D.

If you want to get in touch with your inner (or not so inner) geek, this is the jewelry shop for you.
This is what she has to say about her shop:
Paw & Claw Designs specializes in Handmade Bead & Wire Artisan Jewelry for One-of-a-Kind People with One-of-a-Kind Taste.From a funky signature piece, to a stunning set for your wedding day, Paw & Claw Designs has the unique jewelry you want, at a price you can afford.
Paw & Claw Designs is run from my design studio, which is a part of my (very) cat friendly home in Northern WI, USA. Our cats like to visit my studio, and sometimes help me make interesting color combos by knocking my beads all over the floor in a fevered attempt to divert my attention from my work.All pieces are cleaned before packaging in zip bags and stored to protect them from the household environment prior to shipping. Each piece is hand inspected prior to shipping.
I'm mostly self taught, spending my early mornings tinkering with wire and beads until they make something purrfectly pretty. ( sorry, I couldn't resist)I love reading about and learning new techniques, so check back in my shop often to see what I've learned to do lately.

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