Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top Shop: Inventory at work

Now that I have a list of items that I make over and over on a fairly regular basis, i can start preparing in advance. So i sat down with my list of sales from the past year (check out stats analysis on how to do that) and made a list of all the colors of yarn I used for each one. Some used less, some more, but most had an overlap of one color or another. On the left you will find the names of many of the covers I knit. On the top, a list of the colors of yarns used in all the projects listed. i filled that chart with little checks.

What did I learn? Well I learned that I better stock up on tan because it is the number one color of choice. After that, the primaries and black and white. Now i know when yarn goes on sale, those are the colors I should definitely grab.

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