Friday, September 10, 2010

Undiscovered Gold

I wish I took these photographs. That is probably the greatest compliment any artist can give to another, to not just find the beauty in the piece, but to envy that they got to the image first.

Rene Viescas Allen lives in Colorado and travels the countryside to capture abandoned and neglected items scattered through this beautiful landscape. She strives to tell the story of these items in their heyday. A bold and noble task to take on.

Dodge Truck
Rene's shop, Riviescas, is filled with the images from this project. My favorite pieces tend to be the rusted out automobiles, but she also does amazing work capturing flowers and old barn doors. Her colors are so beautifully saturated, you can almost feel the warm sun and the breeze as you look at them.
Retro Fan
You can find her portfolio online and see items not for sale including beautiful portraits, She also lists upcoming exhibits and contact information here. Want to get to know Rene more personally? Check into her blog where she is taking on the overwhelming project of blogging every day for 365 days. If you want to be updated when new images are for sale, be sure to follow her facebook fanpage.

I look forward to seeing this work on the front pages of etsy this fall.

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