Friday, September 3, 2010

Undiscovered Gold

The Danielle Card
This week I needed a laugh. All week I have been feeling terrible due to a case of vertigo. I have been unable to drive and have had a hard time knitting as well. But enough about me, lets talk about this great new etsy shop!

Off-the-Wallmark is brand new. When I say brand new I mean she just opened her shop yesterday. It is not a surprise then that it has yet to be discovered. Already she is showing great promise.

The Katelyn Card
All I know about Allison Horst is that she lives in Santa Barbara, California and she has a dark sense of humor. She gives her cards female names like Danielle and Katelyn.

Her illustrations are so fun and light-hearted, which takes some of the edge off of these morbid ideas she references. I hope one day to have the occasion to need one of these cards, like a friend going on a diving expedition or a heart transplant. Wait, maybe I dont want that second one.

Anyway, check out her VERY brand new shop and pick up a card for the one you love.

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