Thursday, May 27, 2010

Recycled Greetings

i looked at that pile of old phone books and said to myself, what a waste. There must be something i can do with all that paper. Why not flowers?

yellow pages
blank cardstock (to make a greeting card if you choose)

1) tear out a few yellow pages, white and green if you have them (you can always color the pages with crayon, marker or pencil.

2) cut the yellow pages into thin strips and then round out one of the edges

3) squeeze a thin circle of glue onto the white paper and begin adhering strips to the paper

4) add another thin layer of glue and another layer of petals, keep adding layers until you like the appearance of your flower

5) if you choose, add a green stem and petals

I took mine and glued it to the front of a blank greeting card, but you can be creative and use it in so many ways. Be sure to share your ideas!

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