Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Where are you?

Justice League Knit Golf Club Cover Pattern
by TraceyKnits
Have you ever googled yourself? You know you have at one time or another done a search to see what people out there are seeing about you. You may have even googled your Etsy shop, but have you googled the competition?

I had a a BIG wakeup call the other day when I decided to do a google search for "knit golf club covers". The first sign of my shop was on page 4, and that was a review from a blog. The link to my actual shop came up on page 8.


You know that no one is going to leaf through 8 pages to find my shop unless the first 7 are filled with garbage, which I must say, where not. None of the others made anything like what I make, but how can they find me on page 8?

Think about your SEO!

This is a perfect example of why SEO is important. And how did I correct the problem you may ask? Well I will tell you: View Source.

Every webpage has a source code that you can view by clicking on "View/Developer/View Source" in your navigation's toolbar. In the meta tags, under keywords, you will find what you need. Go to the first page that comes up and read those keywords, they may be the thing that is leaving your shop at the bottom of the pile!

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