Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Ideas for a New Year

I am starting the year off right here with an investment in myself and my business. First, "Knit, Paint... Create" is now "TRACEY KNITS!" I have had a very successful shop on Etsy under the same name and I wished to simplify life for those looking for me. Next, as you may have seen, there is a great giveaway going on right here right now. Be sure to sign up to win the Chain of Love belt/scarf. And lastly, I will be starting a new feature on this site to support my fellow crafters; Shop of the Week. It is open to anyone in the handmade community who has a shop online. Feel free to email me if you are interested.

That is it for now... go 2010!

1 comment:

  1. I'm saving this book for my daughter when she gets a little older. Right now she is a menace to nice books as she is usually brandishing a crayon.

    Thanks for the comment! Your chain belt is too cool!